Honeymoon (KORhentra)

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Creamy, old- fashioned, blooms that appear in clusters. Excellent disease resistance on a short manageable climber. From the Arborose collection at Kordes roses. 

Arborose Collection,(http://newflora.com/kordes-roses/arborose-collection/)

This collection of climbing roses from Kordes, grow well on their own roots and will flower well in the garden or in containers. The Arborose collection is soft-caned, so that these climbers grow well on smaller fences and arbors. In the Kordes tradition, the Arborose collection features roses that are exceptionally disease resistant and floriferous.

  • 7 Feet High  X 4 Feet Wide 
  • Good Repeat Bloom
  • Moderate Fragrance
  • Zone 5