Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

Our mission is to provide roses that are true to variety, grown on their own-roots and virus free. It is in our best interest to give proper care for the roses and provide the best customer service to you that we can. If our roses are planted and cared for properly, we guarantee that they will live through the first year from the date of shipping, and hope that they continue to grow and bloom for many more. We offer a warranty for our roses for the first year under the condition that:

  • The rose is within your USDA hardiness zone
  • There are no signs of neglect in care
  • The rose is planted in a timely manner, under proper growing conditions and not kept in it's pot for an excessive amount of time
  • The rose is not planted in a pot above ground in freezing climates
  • Extreme weather or natural disaster is not the cause of death
  • The rose is completely dead with no signs of life

Neglect on the customer's part includes proper care for roses, including but not limited to knowledge of planting, watering and sunlight needs, proper pruning practices, pest and fungus management.

Our warranty does not include tax and shipping costs but we are happy to issue a refund or replacement in the case that the rose dies within the conditions of our guarantee.

Please feel free to email with any inquiries about proper care for your roses and we will be happy to give you advice to the best of our knowledge! If you're worried about your rose and it's still alive but looks weak, we can likely help bring it back to thriving condition. We want your roses to grow and bloom to their full potential, so don't hesitate to ask.

To make a claim

Contact us to make a claim for your dead rose to admin@northlandrosarium.com along with a photo of the rose so that we can give a fair assessment of your personal situation and help the best that we can.