About Our Roses and Display Garden

About Our Roses 

All of our roses are container grown on their own roots rather than using the roots of another variety. The six-inch tall containers hold about 1 quart of root mass, which we have found to work very well in getting the plant off to a fine start. Some varieties are available in 2 and 3 gallon pots.

We see our own-rooted roses catch up and sometimes surpass the grafted bush the second or third year. Grafted roses must have their bud-union protected in the winter, while we do nothing to protect the own-root roses. We are convinced by experience in our climate that most roses live longer and are hardier on their own roots. There is also much less chance of virus. We are careful to use virus free cutting stock. The other plus, of course, is the problem of suckers and possible transplant rejection, which doesn't exist with roses on their own roots. Our roses are shipped leafed out with a healthy root system. You do not have to plant them right away, but when you do they will start growing right away when planted properly. Planting directions are included in each order.

Own root-roses have the following advantages:

  • More winter hardy
  • No root suckers
  • Healthier plants
  • Longer life
  • No virus
  • More blooms


About Our Display Garden

We are a family owned business located on Paradise Prairie about 10 minutes south of downtown Spokane, Washington. We have been propagating roses since 1992. The nursery is open every year from mid-April to September with exact dates announced every spring. We gladly receive mail-order requests year-round and ship from April to September.

Visitors from around the world come to see our display garden, which has over 2,000 roses in addition to several varieties of companion plants. With an English Garden theme, there is something in bloom at all times of the season as well as some of the most hard to find old garden roses. Three water features, arches, benches and stock gardens provide a beautiful experience for learning about which roses grow best in your garden.

We give garden tours to groups booked in advance and host several events and seminars in the gardens throughout the season. Check the Events Page to learn more about happenings in the garden. Shop our Northland Rosarium Sales Cottage for top of the line garden tools, gifts and accessories. We carry custom natural fertilizer, compost and other important amendments for your garden soil.