Our Team

Northland Rosarium is a family owned business that has been operating for 30 years providing quality, own-root roses nationally. We strive to provide you with the highest quality customer service, plant knowledge, and products on the market. We're happy to help with any questions, concerns and any information we can about your roses to make your experience as enjoyable as possible.



Andrew Smith

Owner of Northland Rosarium

Andrew’s passion for gardening and friendly demeanor have allowed him to gain a lifetime of experiences in the field. From tending the roses on Rose Hill at Manito Park for 8 years right out of high school, learning from some of the most experienced gardeners in the community, to becoming the lead gardener at The Rosarium Garden Center for 8 more years. He is Master Gardener trained and has more recently become the owner of Northland Rosarium Mail-Order, proving his desire to become an integral part of the rose loving community, and reach people nationwide to share his love for roses and renown customer service.


Theresa Smith

 Growing up, my Grandma Agatha always had the most beautiful rose garden.
What I remember most were the arches of fragrant pink roses and walking along
a path surrounded by more roses and flowers. Her love of gardening has long
been an inspiration for me, so when my son Andrew purchased the Northland
Rosarium Mail Order I was rather intrigued to say the least. Andrew soon put me
to work doing what I love most, tending to roses.
Working with my children brings the most joy to my life, working with roses is an
added bonus! Andrew and I prepare, package and ship the roses that we have
transplanted and cared for all year long. In addition to working at the Greenhouse
I also make the newsletters and dabble in social media.



 Our Mascots

(Left to right) Kale, Canoli and Stripey

Our animals keep us company here at the farm, always remind us that they are there for us. Whether it's clawing holes in the greenhouse poly, sprawling out in every tray we're currently working on or running around underfoot trying to play, it's a good reminder that not only our love of roses is the reason we do what we do!