Bare-Root Roses


Bare-root roses are roses that are sold with no soil. Sometimes the difference between "Bare-root" and "Own-root" can be confusing, but worry not! We have you covered with an explanation.

"Bare-root" is a broad term for roses that are sold with no soil and look like this when they arrive:

While "Own-root" roses are roses that are propagated on their own roots, opposed to grafted roses, which are roses that have been modified to grow on the roots of another roses vigorous root stock.

"Bare-root" roses can be either "grafted" or "own-root", so be aware that if they are grafted, they will need special attention in burying the graft at least 2 inches below the surface of the ground (deeper depending on your zone).

When you receive your bare-root rose(s), it will likely be too cold outside to plant them in the ground, so be prepared with a pot, soil, and a warm place to care for them until it is warm enough to plant.

When you plant bare-root roses, be sure to give the roots support by building a cone of soil underneath their root system giving them enough space for their roots to thrive, and again outside when it is warm enough outside to plant them.