Roses for Shady Areas

Roses for Shady Areas - David Austin Roses

Planting roses in shady positions is a great way of bringing color and interest to forgotten areas of the garden. Although, in general, roses will not thrive in a position where there is too much shade, the varieties listed below will do surprisingly well with only four or five hours of good sun each day. The main consideration when planting roses in shady positions is to avoid areas where there are overhanging branches and dry places where there would be too much competition from the roots of trees and other shrubs. Most of David Austin’s repeat-flowering English Roses perform well in partial shade, as well as other repeat-flowering shrub roses, such as the Hybrid Musks, Rugosas and Ground Covers. Many once flowering varieties are suitable for growing in partial shade, particularly the Gallicas, Damasks and Albas. The climbing and rambling roses listed below are all suitable for an open, north facing wall or other shady position. Again, they only require four or so hours of good sun each day.