Strawberry Hill (AUSrimini) Climbing Rose

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Strawberry Hill is available bare-root and can be shipped in Feb and March. After the end of March it will be available in a 5 gallon pot and can be picked up at the nursery. We are unable to ship the 5 gallon pot.  It will be available for pickup at the nursery after we open April. You may place an order and we will reserve the rose for you.      

Strawberry Hill bears medium sized, pure rose pink, cupped rosettes of superb quality. Their color gradually pales to a lighter pink at the edges of the petals, eventually exposing glimpses of yellow stamens at the center. The blooms are beautiful at all stages. The growth is tall, vigorous and rather informal, with small clusters of blooms held on slightly arching branches. Strawberry Hill is very healthy with glossy, dark green foliage. This is a wonderful choice for a position to the rear of a mixed border, or for a border of shrub roses. A strong and delicious myrrh and (heather) honey fragrance. Strawberry Hill was awarded the Prix d'Honneur for fragrance from Nantes in 2007.

  • 5 to 7 Feet Tall X 4 Feet Wide 
  • Good Repeat Bloom
  • Very strong fragrance
  • Zone 5