Easy on the Eyes (WEKswechefy) 2018

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Looking for something unusual? This rose is medium pink with magenta purple heart and cream reverse fading to light lavender with deep smoky purple eye. When it bloomed in our sales area it was an eye catcher. 

 Decades of hybridizing to enlarge the magenta purple eye to its current size has resulted in an extremely novel color combo with the lavender pink flower coloration. The term floriferous falls short when talking about the number of flowers covering the entire rounded plant. There are so many flowers held in large clusters that you can barely see the lovely clean dark green and glossy foliage. Rest assured of the foliage's presence. We raised the bar on 'DISEASE RESISTANCE', assuring that the plant will stay well-dressed during the growing season. The moderate citrus-like & spices fragrance completes the seduction and guarantees a premium spot in the garden of whichever state you live in! (Weeks) 

Thank you Weeks for the picture. 

  • Shrub
  • 3 to 4 Feet Tall 
  • Fragrant 
  • Zone: testing in our zone 5 garden
  • 4 X 6 inch pot