Crown Princess Margareta (AUSwinter) Climbing

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Crown Princess Margareta is available bare-root and can be shipped in Feb and March. After the end of March it will be available in a 5 gallon pot and can be picked up at the nursery. We are unable to ship the 5 gallon pot.  It will be available for pickup at the nursery after we open April 2019. You may place an order and we will reserve the rose for you.
We visited the David Austin Garden in England I saw this rose display on a archway and it was beautiful. We are happy to be able to plant this rose in our own garden and have it available for our customers. The blooms are quite large, rosettes of a striking apricot-orange. It is has a strong, fruity tea rose fragrance and repeat blooms throughout the season. Hardy and healthy it is rated for zone 4
This rose can be quite vigorous in warmer climates and can be used as a climber. The canes are long and arching and it will benefit from a summer pruning. It can be grown as a large shrub or tied up on a structure to reach 9 feet or more. It is in the David Austin grouping of Simple to Grow Roses.
  • Climbing Rose
  •  9 Feet Tall .
  • Strong Fragrance
  • Repeat Bloom
  • Zone 4