Join us for the...

71st Annual Spokane Rose Show

Saturday June 23 at the Northland Rosarium Display Garden

Special Guest Mr. Harry Landers from the internationally-renowned Washington Park Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon. 
Schedule of Events
8:00 AM: Set up and preparation of roses 
10:00 AM: Judges view roses
12:00 PM: Roses open for public viewing
How to Submit Your Roses

We encourage anyone who has roses growing in their yard to bring them to the show! You need to cut the stem long enough to look presentable in a vase. Vases are provided, except for anyone who would like to bring an arrangement in a special vase. Please cut long stems. It is easier to cut off a stem too long than to wish more length to it. There will be many Rose Society people available to help set up and answer questions. Exhibiting roses is an excellent way to learn more about what types of roses you prefer, as you get to see all kinds of roses at the show. Every year the show is held at Northland Rosarium so that you may view many of the roses in their natural state growing in the garden and purchase them in the nursery. 

View Guidelines for Submission