Patriot Dream (BAIdre)

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"Patriot Dream" honors the 64 people who were the crew and passengers on American Airlines Flight 77 when it crashed into the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. A family member of the Flight 77 crew suggested the name for this beautiful salmon colored rose. "Patriot Dream" is a shrub rose with a light fruity fragrance. "Patriot Dream" will planted at the three Washington, D.C. schools who had students and teachers abroad Flight 77.

A rose from the Easy Elegance Series by Bailey Nursery and Ping Lim. We grow this rose in our front garden bed by our sales cottage along with Tequila. The two never fail to elicit comments from customer. The gold of Tequila and salmony-orange of Patriot Dreams go together beautifully. This is a nice hardy rose with a double bloom of dark salmon/orange that seems to be always in bloom. Ping Lim is the hybridizer and so you know this will be a hardy, healthy rose.

  • 4 Feet High X 3 Feet Wide
  • Good Repeat Bloom
  • Moderate Fruity Fragrance
  • Zone 5