Above All™ (CHEwesic) 2015

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It's not often that an old classic like the world acclaimed Westerland gets modernized with a 21st century version like Above All. Additional petals increased the flower count per cluster and improved the flower production to create a year round exquisite show. That's quite an achievement! All that while maintaining a very attractive salmony orange flower color that remains strong, combined with a nice fruity fragrance and a high level of disease resistance. Above All stands proud above the competition of other climbers with its excellent vigor. The good winter hardiness inherited from Westerland allows Above All to perform with continuous blooming from spring to fall in multiples climates.
  •  10 to 14 Feet Tall 
  •  Repeat Bloom
  • Excellent Disease Resistance 
  •  Moderate Fruity Fragrance
  •  Zone 5
  • 4 x 6 inch pot