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We grow many varieties of Roses and Clematis in our display garden. This has created a demand for clematis at the nursery and now we are including them in our mail-order department. Clematis are a natural to grow with roses, beautiful colors, prolific bloom, twinning habit that goes so well with our climbing roses and arbors and trellises in the garden. We have recently created an allee with roses and clematis, this will be it's third spring and the plants are maturing and should be beautiful this year.

Clematis come in all colors, many different sizes and shape of bloom, and a wide variety of height and size. You can grow them as a ground cover, or into a tree. Growing on a post, or fence, thru your favorite rose, over shrubs or into trees they truly are the Queen of the flowering vine.

We are offering just a few of our favorite varieties and some brand new ones for mail order, although you will find many more varieties at the nursery.  

We offer them in the same size pot as our rose plants, 4 X 4 X 6 inches, about a quart of roots and soil. They will be well-rooted and ready to plant. Shipping costs remain the same as for our roses.

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