Everything's Coming Up Roses

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Get to planting the garden you've always dreamed up with help from Northland Rosarium

It was Abraham Lincoln who said, "We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses." The rose is one of those flowers that has been revered and misunderstood through time. They are a symbol of love, friendship and beauty. But roses aren't the difficult children in the garden that many think them to be. Carol Newcomb, 62, owner of Northland Rosarium, invites everyone to explore the many possibilities of the rose and how it may suit you and your landscaping.

Carol is proof positive that it's never too late to do what you want to do in life.

I went back to school as an older student, explains Carol, and got a degree in the horticulture program at Spokane Community College.

During the course of getting her degree, Carol met the original owner of Northland Rosarium and decided to purchase the business and property with her husband. That was nine seasons ago. The original nursery has grown to include a vast display garden that includes many flowers that can be found at the nursery. Northland grows many varieties of plants including hydrangeas, peonies and clematis, but it's the roses that they are so well known for. Roses are one of those plants that many people have misconceptions about. Unfair or not, it's simply a perception that many hold to.

A lot of people think that roses are tweaky and hard to grow, says Carol. Maybe they haven't had much success with them before, but our whole point here is to show people that roses are easy to grow and don't take all the time and trouble that they think.

The roses available at Northland Rosarium are vastly different than what you might find at many of the other retailers selling plants. What is it that makes their plants so different? The roses are grown on their own roots. They are not grafted to the roots of another variety as is so commonly found. What growing the plant on its own roots does is make for a plant that is much more hardy to the elements, virus free and you'll end up with a bush that is better shaped with more bloom.

Grafted roses can be tender in our cold Spokane climate, Carol warns, and many will die over the winter.

If you're thinking about a new landscape, or simply freshing up what you already have, Northland Rosarium is the perfect place to get help with your plan. You can walk around the gardens and look at the more than 400 varieties of roses available and find out what companion plants work best for you. Pairing the proper plants will give you the spectacular garden of which you've always dreamed.

Even if you don't have a large space at home to work with, roses are still a wonderful option.

Roses grow beautifully in containers, and are perfect for decks and other small areas, explains Carol. You do need to protect those small container plants during the winter, but they are a wonderful option.

Growing roses isn't difficult. Northland Rosarium offers workshops on proper planting, caring for your plants and how to prune happen throughout the season. You won't simply buy and plant and be sent on your way. Knowledgeable and helpful staff will assist you in making your project as successful as possible.

Despite what you may have thought before, roses are a plant that even the casual gardener can incorporate into their landscape and have great success with. What will help to ensure that positive outcome is getting the right plant for your area that is hardy, healthy and capable of providing you with those picture perfect blooms. With a little education and know-how, you can have a garden that will be talk of the neighborhood!